Monday, June 8, 2009

No Limits

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  1. I stumbled on this message and was very surprised to read such sensible stuff. I turned away from Christianity about 12 years ago for many reasons, but a significant reason was the constant message that all you do is turn to Jesus and your life becomes a living fantasy. Clearly this is not the case. It's a good message though and people come back for the next serve of it week after week.

    I had a very religious upbringing; even the school was fundamentalist, so everything I was taught was based on the Bible. It didn't take me long to figure out that every key person in the Bible was in one "fire" or another for most of their story. Clearly, there was a massive incongruence between what the Bible said and what was being served up Sunday nights at church.

    Thanks Trevor for a refreshing message. As you say, life dishes it out no matter who you are or what you believe. The only difference is how you handle it!